Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lee Min Ho’s Fans Successfully Complete Campaign To Raise Funds For Underprivileged Children

Lee Min Ho’s donation platform PROMIZ, organized by the actor and his fans, has raised 50 million won (approximately $44,000) for the charity organization Good Neighbors.

This donation fund was raised through Good Neighbors and PROMIZ’s collaborated social media campaign, which was held from January 16 to January 26. The Facebook pages of both organizations needed to receive more than 1,000 likes for PROMIZ to be able to donate the funds to help the needy children under Good Neighbors.

Good Neighbors stated, “Many people were able to participate in this campaign since it was through our social media. We will hold more donation campaigns with PROMIZ from now on.”
PROMIZ is Lee Min Ho’s donation platform that participates in various projects to help raise funds for water, animals, and children. The brand has continued to be a business that donates all its profits to charities and is one of the leading companies for social contributions.

Prior to this, Lee Min Ho received the “2017 National Brand Grand Prize” and has been acknowledged for his global brand power representing Korea. Furthermore, the actor will participate in the 2017 National Brand Conference award show on February 22.

source: soompi

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