Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lee Min Ho Sees Fan Fall Over, What He Did Next Showed His True Colors

The set of GIFs from Lee Min Ho‘s arrival at a Thai airport have been garnering a lot of attention as it shows just how much Lee Min Ho cares about his fans.

Lee Min Ho may have played the roles of a few arrogant and pompous characters but, in reality, he’s one of the most gentlemanly actors out there. This trait was proven true when he arrived at an airport in Thailand and had to go through a huge crowd of fans awaiting his arrival.As soon as he landed, fans flocked to his gate and formed a human barricade that followed his every step, which caused mayhem and disorder.

Due to the huge influx of followers, one of the fans ended up tripping and falling over. Lee Min Ho caught sight of her on the floor and stopped in his tracks, despite his security guards’ attempts to keep him moving.

Lee Min Ho continued to look back at the fan who had fallen over while he was being moved along by his guards, and would not stop looking at her until security made sure she was okay. Only then did he continue on his way.Before he disappeared from view, he was sure to accept a flower gift from another fan, and wave goodbye.

source: KoreaBoo

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