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"The Faith" Lee Min Ho - The Secret is out...member of "Jeok Wol Dae"

The story and secrets of the soldier, bodyguard of the king Lee Min Ho is already leaked out.

On the 21st of January, SBS's latest drama "The Faith" (directed by Kim Jong Hak, written by Song Ji Na), Choi Young who is poisoned (infected) receive and order from King Gong Min (Ryu Duk Hwan) and find a letter that actually has a chicken blood on it.
Completing the king's task as what he promised, Choi Young also asked the king's promise that he can leave the castle. Meanwhile, the king asked the killer was after the healer Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Seon) and asked whether the healer is alright. Choi Young said that she is alright, Thank You to the king. But The King hopes Choi Young to stay, asking whether the reason for his leave is because he can't fulfill his promise to the healer. Choi Young "That's not a important thing for a king to know", he didn't want to tell the reason, even though the king pleads him, saying that they are friends "We are friends, how can you not tell me." And then, Choi Young reveal what happened to him in the past.
Choi Young explain to the king his history in the past, how he was a member of Jeok Wol Dae. Jeok Wol Dae was actually made of people who used nae-gong and wanted to protect Goryeo, regardless of their individual status. The Jeok Geol dae was like family to Young after he lost his father. The leader was Young’s teacher and a second father. The other members were Young’s brothers and sisters.
The Jeok Wol Dae usually assassinated the enemy or destroyed military ships. But their numbers were small when the enemy numbers were always large, and there was no support for the Jeok Geol dae. So their numbers dwindled. The only thing the government gave them was the next mission. And the Jeok Wol Dae often fell into traps. Then one spring day, the king at that time called the Jeok Wol Dae to the palace. It was like a dream for them, but in fact they were harassed by the drunk king. There was a girl in the group and instead of her, the general, leader of the group (Choi Min Soo) was stabbed and lost his live, protecting her.
Choi Young says to the king Gong Min " I admit i want to kill the king, but instead my leader prevent me, saying that i should be loyal to the king, no matter what happen. That's the only way to save Jeok Wol Dae, he said", Choi Young confess everything to the king.
King Gong Min said "Probably, the one who killed your leader was my brother. Do you hate me from the start, what are you going to do after you leave the palace..", making Choi Young encourage him that he's not.
"The Faith" is a fusion saeguk drama, a story of a love between the Goryeo Warrior Choi Young and modern plastic surgeon Yoo Eun Soo on the process of making King Gong Min the true king.

Original Korean Text:

‘신의’ 이민호, 비밀 밝혀졌다…‘적월대’ 대원

[마이데일리 = 고향미 객원기자] 이민호가 왕실 호위무사가 된 사연이 밝혀졌다.

21일 방송된 SBS 새 월화드라마 ‘신의’(극본 송지나 연출 김종학 신용휘)에서 최영(이민호)은 공민왕(류덕환)에게 중신들이 독살당한 선혜종에서 찾은 피 묻은 밀지를 건네며 이것은 사람의 피가 아닌 닭의 피라고 설명했다.

공민왕의 임무를 마친 최영은 약속대로 궁을 나가겠다고 청하지만 그는 “그대의 언약을 깨고 의선(유은수/김희선)을 잡아오라고 했던 게 그리도 서운했습니까? 내게는 믿을 수 있는 한 사람이 필요 했고 의선을 세상에 내놓아 나의 입지를 굳혀보고자 한 것입니다”라고 최영을 막았다.

하지만 최영이 궁을 나가고자 소망한 것은 오래전일이라며 뜻을 굽히지 않자 “왕으로서 말하는 게 싫다면 그대를 유일한 벗으로 여기는 나에게 말을 해봐요. 간청합니다”라고 궁을 나가고자 하는 연유를 물었다.

이에 최영은 자신이 적월대 출신이었다는 과거를 털어놓기 시작했다. 적월대는 각자의 출신성분과는 상관없이 고려를 지키겠다는 일념 하에 모인 자들의 부대로 적월대에게는 보급품 지원도 없이 다음 목표만 주어졌다고 설명했다.

이어 선상인 충혜왕이 적월대의 공을 친히 치하한다며 궁으로 불렀는데 술에 취해 향락을 즐기던 충혜왕이 누이와도 같은 삼부장 단백에게 옷을 벗으라는 희롱을 했으며 두 번째 아비이고 스승인 대장 문치오(최민수)가 단백 대신 칼을 맞아 목숨을 잃었다고 털어놨다.

최영은 또 문치오가 목숨이 위태로운 상황에서도 적월대원들을 살리기 위해 자신에게 고려왕실의 수호신이 되라는 언약을 하라고 했고 이에 왕의 호위부대인 우달치 부대에 들어오게 됐다고 고백했다.

이에 공민왕은 “그대의 스승을 죽인 자는 바로 내 형님이죠. 처음부터 내가 미웠겠구려. 내 그대를 볼 면목이 없소”라며 괴로워했지만 최영에게 다시 한 번 생각해 볼 것을 종용했다.

‘신의’는 고려시대 무사 최영과 현대 의사 유은수의 시공을 초월한 사랑과 진정한 왕을 만들어내는 과정을 그린 퓨전 사극이다.

[비밀이 밝혀진 이민호. 사진 = SBS ‘신의’ 방송화면 캡처]

(고향미 객원기자

Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho reveals about his past on Faith

The viewing rate of SBS TV’s new drama series Faith has been slightly increased.

On August 22, AGB Nielsen Media Research reported that the fourth episode of Faith, which aired on August 21, recorded viewer ratings of 11.5%. It’s 1.2% higher than the third episode’s (10.3%).

In the episode, Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) tells King Gong Min (played by Ryu Duk Hwan) that he used to be a member of Jeok Wol and why he wants to leave the palace. Jeok Wol is a group of warriors who fight to protect Goryeo regardless of their origins. However, the king who took power at that time not only insulted Jeok Wol but also ordered a female subordinate to take off her clothes because he was hooked on liquor and sex.

Choi Min Soo, who makes a cameo appearance as a leader of Jeok Wol in the series, also attracts a lot of attention. Choi gets stabbed by the king as he tries to save the female subordinate. However, he dies swearing allegiance to Goryeo. Choi Young is outraged at this but gets forced to swear allegiance to the king, who killed his leader. He reveals that he has always been loyal to the kingdom but hasn’t always been sincere.

Ki Cheol also starts to stand against King Gong Min by attacking Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun).

MBC TV’s Golden Time recorded viewer ratings of 14.6% and KBS 2TV’s Haeundae Lovers recorded 9.3%.
Source: TV Report
English Translation:

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