Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Younha Sings for ‘Faith’s OST

The drama OST for SBS’ Faith is getting a dose of Younha.
The production staff behind the drama’s OST revealed Younha has taken part in the soundtrack by singing the track One Teardrop.
Featuring a majestic 50-piece orchestra in the background, Younha’s explosive vocals are accentuated in the emotion-laden song.

The track was first heard in the August 28 broadcast of the drama as the relationship between Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun’s characters began heating up.
A representative for the drama OST production shared, “At the recording, everyone was taken by surprised by Younha’s emotional delivery and voice. It’s a song that fits well with the sad love line.”

Photo Credit: Wealive
Source: enewsworld

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