Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lee Min-ho Hopes to Become Closer with Fans through Tour

Top actor Lee Min-ho finally held his fan meeting titled “2013, Lee Min-ho Global Tour in Seoul,” his first fan event in Korea in two years, at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Hall in Seoul on May 25.

To make the event special, the actor released an album with seven songs including the title track “My Everything,” which does not target music charts but is purely for connecting with fans, many of whom have supported him since his breakout role in KBS drama “Boys over Flowers” (2009).

Below is what the Lee had to say about his unique fan meeting in the press event moments before the show.

Q: This is your first-ever album and first fan meeting in Korea two years.

Lee: First of all, I am Lee Min-ho and I want to thank everyone here for coming. Making this album was an a new experience for me but I put a lot of effort into it. I should have met my fans last year but I didn’t get the chance to because I was busy with SBS drama “The Faith.” It took me two years to be with my fans again so I’m thrilled and excited to be here.

Q: This fan meeting is different from your fan meetings in the past. You have prepared various songs. What’ll be your secret weapon today?
Lee: This is the first time I’m holding a fan meeting in the form of a concert. And each tune has a different style, meaning there will be a wide range of performances.

Q: What was the biggest challenge preparing for the fan meeting and album?
Lee: I only sing ballads when I go to karaokes. But I sang fast tunes for the first time for the album. I also had a hard time finding tones that would sound good for the songs.

Q: What is your favorite track in the album?
Lee: I like “Pieces of Love” the most because I’m most comfortable with ballads.

Q: You will take this fan event to nine other cities. Do you have any particular strategy with which you’ll differentiate this tour from others?
Lee: In the case of Japan, I have a Japanese version of my title song. And the title song will probably change for every country. I’ll change the performances to fit each country’s culture.

Q: Were you concerned the influence the album would have on your image as an actor before releasing it?

Lee: If I had to go on music programs with this album, I wouldn’t have done it in the first place. But ever since KBS drama “Boys over Flower,” I’ve had fan meetings for four years. And I thought it’d be nice if I had songs of my own to sing for fans. It’s an album marking the seventh anniversary of my debut so I wasn’t concerned with the influence it might have on my image as an actor.

Q: You have been cast in a new drama tentatively titled “The Heirs.” How are you preparing for your role?

Lee: I am honored to be part of the new drama. I think every actor would die to be in it. My first meeting with the director went well too. But I have some time until its premiere so I will focus on the tour and after I come back, I will work hard on it.

Q: You constantly mention how your fans are important to you and that you will try to express your affection for them during the fan meeting. How do you plan to do so?

Lee: Well, I don’t have anything specifically planned. (laughs) All I did was read what my fans wrote for me. I hope that this fan meeting will be enjoyable and that my fans and I will become closer through it.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to say before the fan meeting?

Lee: I am grateful for all of you coming. I hope to show the best of me through the meeting. I will see you again after the tour through a new drama. Thank you.

Reporter. Lee Eun Ah
Photographer. Lee Jin Hyuk
Editor. Jessica Kim

source: tenasia

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