Monday, May 27, 2013

Lee Min-ho Turns into a Rock Star for Fans

If you have thought of Lee Min-ho as merely a good actor, you may have changed your mind after watching his fan meeting “2013, Lee Min-ho GLOBAL TOUR in SEOUL” held on Saturday. He was a rock star for the day, his fans screaming and wildly waving their glow sticks for his performances.
Lee’s fan meeting was in the form of a concert, where he performed all seven songs from his first album “My Everything,” live with a band and chorus. His fans were able to see new and different sides to him through them, plus the Q&A sessions in between performances through which Lee candidly shared his personal details.
When the curtains were first raised, Lee, in a white tux, sang his title ballad song also named “My Everything.” His voice was delicate and pleasant though shaky at times. But it was a priceless experience for fans given that he temporarily switched to a different specialty just for them.
The actor then jumped on a bicycle for his second song “You & I” which was like watching a scene from the movie “Mary Poppins.” It depicted on the fluttering heart of a man who is on his way to meet his girlfriend.

The fan meeting was more than just fancy performances. Fans were able to scoop up detailed information of the actor through questions such as what his favorite food and hobbies were or what his drinking habit was.
He also introduced fans to his new hobby called ‘speedminton’ that he came across in Germany, showing on stage how it is played.
Towards the end, Lee said, “I will light the fire of affection for me through my new drama “The Heirs” [tentative title]. I hope today’s fan meeting was treasurable and that you keep in mind that I am always thinking of you because you always give me strength.”
For the final performance, the actor wore a t-shirt that made him look like a perky teenager. Fans seemed sad to say good-bye but the song’s fast beat and Lee’s hip-shaking moves kept them in high spirits. Lee marked the end of the two-hour fan meeting by blowing kisses and saying that he will miss his fans.

Reporter. Lee Eun Ah
Editor. Jessica Kim
Source: tenasia

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