Monday, May 13, 2013

Fans to celebrate actor Lee Min ho’s 7th anniversary of debut year

[by Cho Suyoun]

 Fans around the world sent messages to celebrate actor Lee Min ho’s 7th anniversary of debut.
The world has united by actor Lee Min ho. Lee Min ho made his debut in May 2006 through EBS teen series ‘Secret Garden.’ This year, he just entered 7th year since the debut and fans around the world sent congratulating messages to celebrate the anniversary.
Minoz, Lee Min ho’s world fan club, all speak in different languages but united as one to cheer their favorite actor and sent wishes for him. According to Lee’s management, the fans in southern and east Asia, Europe, and America are uniting as one and processing the celebration event.
Korean fans did electronic display event in this year again. This event was held since four years ago and the fans payed for major LED in Seoul to display Lee’s works and photos. The Japanese fans borrowed a big bus to promote Lee’s world tour. On the bus, it says, ‘We are coming to meet fans around the world.’
In addition, there were many hoping messages for Lee to wish his new series’ success. Meanwhile, Lee Min ho will release anniversary album‘My Everything’ at the end of May and will have global tour soon. He thanked to all the fans by replying on SNS “Lucky 7! Thank you for all the supports.“ (photo by Starhaus Entertainment)

source: BNTNews

Lee Min Ho’s fans celebrate his 7th anniversary since debut!

Fans of handsome actor Lee Min Ho celebrated his 7th anniversary since his debut!

Lee Min Ho made his debut on the EBS teenage drama ‘Secret Campus‘ back in 2006, and fans of the actor from all over the world banded together to show him their love and support. His agency stated, “A great number of fans from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, America, and other countries in Europe and South America are holding large events in celebration of Lee Min Ho’s anniversary.”
For the fourth year in a row, Korean fans put on a ‘billboard event,’ posting advertisements celebrating his anniversary on billboards across Myungdong, Gangnam Station, and Dongdaemun. Fans from Japan wrapped buses that traveled around Seoul to advertise Lee Min Ho’s world tour, while Chinese fans made a donation to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake in his name.

Lee Min Ho’s Turkish fans showed their support with a laser message on a bridge in Bosphorus that said, “Happy 7th Debut Anniversary Lee Min Ho! Minoz (Lee Min Ho’s fan club) Turkey will always love and support you!”
The actor is currently preparing for his upcoming world tour, which will start in Korea later this month. He’ll also be releasing a new album, ‘My Everything‘, as a gift to his fans.

Lee Min Ho posted to his SNS: “Lucky7! Thank you for your celebrations.”

source: Allkpop

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