Friday, November 18, 2011

Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [Ep3: BSM]

Credits: Toyota USA

For the 3rd episode (BSM), our hero Lee Min Ho's (as Joon and Kwon) story continues. It's started with Ji Hyun trying to find the truth about Kwon, the prisoner escape. Ji Hyun found out from So Hee's mobile phone, browsing through the internet that Kwon was a prisoner escape. When she browse the internet, Kwon accidentally sees her, make Ji Hyun give So Hee's phone to Kwon. Kwon knows that Ji Hyun just browse the internet, realize that Ji Hyun already found out his real identity, Kwon, as a prisoner escape. 
Kwon calls his man, trying to stop Joon that already on his way to his wedding with So Hee, but his man can't stop Joon. With the help of his Camry's BSM (Blind Spot Monitor), Joon can see that Kwon's man using a motorcycle chase him and manage to escape from them. Meanwhile, Ji Hyun tries to tell So Hee but So Hee already called to the altar, getting married with Kwon who lies to her as Joon. But Joon was in time to came to the wedding. When Kwon and So Hee start to exchange their rings, Joon came and makes So Hee shocked. Joon walks to Kwon, said that Kwon already took his life, and Kwon shouldn't took his ring. Joon is trying to convince So Hee that the man she's almost getting married is Kwon, not Joon. Joon tries to explain to So Hee that Kwon was his twin brother that framed him and tries to take his life, but So Hee didn't believe Joon. Kwon says to So Hee that Joon as actually Kwon and tries to capture Joon while So Hee is confused, she didn't believe the real Joon. When the police came and trying to take the real Joon away, Joon said that the Camry would prove everything.

The 4th and the last episode would come out at 1st of December, United States of America's time, or 2nd of December, Korean Time. 

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