Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The killer Choi Young(Lee Min Ho) turns into an innocent lamb in front of Yoo Eun Soo(Kim Hee Sun)

Choi Young turned innocent in front of Yoo Eun Soo.

On the episode of Faith that aired on September 24, Choi Young(played by Lee Min Ho) killed seven professional killers with ease. The killers were sent by Ki Cheol(played by Yoo Oh Sung) and were ordered to kill everyone who is related to King Gong Min.

After an exhausting fight, Choi Young thought about Yoon Eun Soo(played by Kim Hee Sun). He couldn’t stop himself from going to the usual pavilion that he promised to meet Yoon Eun Soo every day. After seeing Yoo Eun Su laughing and chatting with the people of the palace, Choi breathed a sigh of relief.

Yoo Eun Su, a personal doctor of Choi Young called him and cured the injuries of his wrist. Even when Yoo was sewing up his wound without any anesthesia, Choi couldn’t get his eyes off of Yoo. Yoo who is smiling brightly and taking after Choi, was as lovely as ever.

Choi revealed his heart by saying, “I sent some people by Cheon Hyul. I even thought about making a shelter nearby, but that makes me feel uneasy.” The hearts of Yoo and Choi are heading towards each other.

Source: Xportsnews
English Translation: ilnungcha

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