Monday, September 17, 2012

Lee Min Ho Constantly Monitors Own Acting With Personal Video Recorder on ‘Faith’ Set

If you wondered how Lee Min Ho is able to channel his latest drama character so well, we may have come across the answer! 
Recently, SBS unveiled a set of behind-the-scenes images showing Lee Min Ho on the set of his current SBS drama, Faith. Portraying the role of Goryeo Dynasty-era warrior Choi Young, the pictures show Lee Min Ho in full costume and in-between shooting on set.
While Lee Min Ho could have easily taken a well-deserved break during the down time, instead, the actor is seen constantly with a camcorder.
Apparently, the personal camcorder is used to record Lee Min Ho as he shoots his scenes so the actor can monitor and review his own acting right away.

Other staff members for the drama confirmed the actor scrupulously monitors his own acting with his personal camcorder to check his acting for each scene and for the actor to get a feel for what improvements he could make in his character’s portrayal.
A representative for Lee Min Ho’s agency added, “Lee Min Ho is always seen with a camcorder in hand and monitoring his acting without rest. The monitoring helps Lee Min Ho before shooting difficult action scenes as he reviews his acting from the viewers’ level. We believe this is all helping for Lee Min Ho in his transformation into Choi Young and we ask you continue to anticipate and look forward to his improvements.”

Photo Credit: SBS
Source: enewsworld

Lee Min Ho monitors his acting through his personal camcorder

Lee Min Ho recently revealed how he could perfectly portray the character of Choi Young in SBS TV’s drama seriesFaith.
In the series, Lee plays the role of Choi Young, a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty, who has no will to live a life.
In some snapshots of the set recently released, Lee is watching himself in the monitor of his camcorder. During break time or while he’s waiting for the next shoot, he’s checking his acting.
Because of the hectic shooting schedule, it’s not easy for actors to monitor their acting, so Lee thought of monitoring himself using a personal camcorder.
Lee’s agency says, “Lee Min Ho monitors his acting whenever he has time to do so. It helps him a lot when he shoots difficult action scenes and also helps him to keep an objective point of view on his acting.”

Source: TV Report
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