Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 16.09.2012 [2]

Update on Weibo:
@ 13.58 PM CST: " 分享图片 웨이보 500만 친구가 되었다고 많이 축하해주시네요. 몇명인지 잘 안봐서 몰랐어요. 5.000.000 peng yo~ ren sho ni men hun gao xing ^^ 제 화면은 아직 타임슬립중인듯 ㅋ"
English Translation: "I got 5 Million Friends on Weibo, and i got many congratulations. I really don't know i got that many friends. 5.000.000 friends~ Nice to know all of you ^^ My screen seems to have time slip keke"

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@14.01 PM CST: "ren shi ni men hun gao xing 오타;"
English Translation: ren shi ni men hun gao xing typo"

@ 14.30 PM ST: "^^ v"

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Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account
English Translation: Monika

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