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Lee Min Ho Looks Great with Every Other Character in ′Faith′

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Lee Min Ho has been showing some great chemistry not only with the female actors, but also with most of the other actors that appear in his drama.

Lee Min Ho as Choi Young has been paired by netizens with most of the other actors around him in SBS′ Faith. Although Choi Young is supposed to be harsh and cold, making it hard for him to get along with others, he′s actually fitting in fairly well, adding to the energy of the piece.

Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), King Gong Min (Ryu Deok Hwan), Court lady Choi (Kim Mi Kyung) and Dae Man (Kim Jong Mun) are some of the characters who have been said to boast great chemistry with Choi Young.
The romantic Choi Young and Eun Soo couple has, of course, gathered a lot of fans, but Choi Young′s match with King Gong Min, called a ′friendship between the braided child and ponytail′, is also fairly popular. Lady Choi, Choi Young′s aunt, and his right-hand man Dae Man are also popular matches.
Lady Choi is the most powerful court lady in the palace, and is more like Choi Young′s mother than his aunt. She brought up Choi Young to be the warrior he is now after he lost his parents when he was little.
She, however, always scolds him for cutting his ties with society and sleeping all the time. Choi Young always tries to blow off her scolding by telling her to stop, but he′s always hit with her attacks. Lady Choi is also the last person Choi Young knows who can call him by his name ′Young′, as his father Choi Won Jik, the leader of the Red Moon Unit Moon Chi Woo and his former master Kyung Chang have all passed away.
Viewers have said in surprise at the special ties between the two, ′When the aunt and her cousin talk together, they even fold their arms the same way.′
Choi Young′s friendship with the ′werewolf′ Dae Man has also entertained viewers. Dae Man follows Choi Young as if Choi Young is his master. He stutters and often makes mistakes, but he has sharp instincts and is very loyal. Viewers are brought to laugh whenever Choi Young hits Dae Man over the head. The chemistry between these two ′brothers′ has been adding to the drama.
Viewers have said, ′The way Choi Young can′t say anything in front of his aunt is so cute′ and ′He always gets mad at Dae Man whenever he gets hit by his aunt′.
A rep from the drama′s production company said, "When the main lead has great skills, it often helps the supporting roles stand out too. Lee Min Ho has been able to mix together both the image of a warrior and of a boy to make Choi Young a cuter man."

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