Monday, September 17, 2012

On Faith: Why did Lee Min Ho have to attack Yoo Oh Sung?

Lee Min Ho decides to make a frontal attack on Yoo Oh Sung in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith.
In the eleventh episode of the series, which will air on September 17, Lee (plays the role of Choi Young) decides to meet Yoo (plays the role of Ki Chul) by himself without Ryu Deok Hwan (plays the role of King Gong Min) and his men.
Lee has been assisting the King to help him become a true king. As a result, Lee has been trying not to become involved in reckless events.
He even tells his men not to risk their lives. Lee, however, decides to fight against Yoo even though he knows that Yoo is very powerful and it made the audience wonder what changed his mind.
A spokesperson for the series says, “Lee risks his life to fight against Yoo in the next episode. Please focus on Lee and his changed feelings.”
In the tenth episode of the series, which aired on September 11, Yoo started killing people that Ryu wanted to keep close to him.

The new episode will air at 9:55 p.m.

Source: TV Report
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