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"Faith" Lee Min Ho - From a Flower General "All Kill"

SBS Monday-Tuesday Drama "The Faith" (written by Song Ji Na, directed by Kim Jong Hak and Shi Yong Hui) Lee Min Ho's character "Choi Young" has shown a perfect appearance

In "Faith", the Goryeo Warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) is having a sharp crisis due to his confrontation with Gi Cheol (Ryu Duk Hwan) because he's helping king Gong Min to gather people while he's also putting his life in danger when he's giving his life to protect the Great Doctor. His hanging appearance provokes every time because it's capturing female's heart with the various attractive and unusual showcase.

With the deep captivating eyes that can capture women and variety of emotions, Choi Young is reaching the "Golden Ratio" of the perfect General. His 8-proportioned appearance (means that his height is 8 times of his head) has been referred by the Netizen as the best Samurai/General that you can't have enough with.

On the other hand, the curiosity increases with the appearance of Deok Hung, a literature that seems wanted to mediate, but shaken Choi Young position when he want to help the new king reigns. Meanwhile, the 13th episode of SBS Drama "The Faith" will be aired on Monday Night, September 24th at 9.55 PM.

Original Korean Text:

'신의' 이민호(Lee Min Ho), 기럭지부터 남다른 고려 꽃무사 최영 '안방 올킬'

SBS 월화드라마 ‘신의’(극본 송지나, 연출 김종학, 신용휘, 제작 신의문화산업전문회사) 이민호가 ‘최영’과 완벽한 합을 자랑하고 있다.

‘신의’에서 고려최고 무사 ‘최영(이민호 분)’역을 맡아 기철(유오성 분)과의 날선 대립 속 위기에 빠진 공민왕을 도우는 등 신의를 위해선 목숨까지 거는 모습으로 매회 화제를 불러일으키고 있는 이민호는 남다른 기럭지와 다양한 매력을 선보여 시선을 사로잡고 있다.

특히, 여심 사로잡는 깊은 눈빛 연기로 다양한 감정들을 막힘없이 소화하고 있는데다가 8등신의 황금비율은 무사 ‘최영’과 완벽한 합을 이루고 있어 이런 듬직한 이민호의 모습은 역대 무사들 중 최고라 칭해도 손색이 없을 정도다.

한편, 기철은 덕흥군을 새 왕으로 옹립하려는 공작을 시작하고 신진사대부들이 조정에 들어서며 최영의 입지가 흔들리게 될 것을 예고 해 궁금증을 모으고 있는 SBS 월화드라마 ‘신의’ 13회는 오는 월요일(24일) 밤 9시 55분에 방송된다.

Source: TopStarNews
English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho shows off his nice figure on Faith

Lee Min Ho is currently appealing to viewers with his nice look as a warrior in the series Faith.

In SBS TV’s drama series Faith, Lee is attracting female viewers’ attention by playing the role of Choi Young, the greatest warrior in the Goryeo Dynasty, who helps King Gong Min at the risk of his life, standing against Ki Cheol (played by Yoo Oh Sung).

In some snapshots from the series, Lee is showing off a nice look in military uniform.

Lee is especially appealing to female viewers with his sad eyes and perfect figure.

People responded: “Lee Min Ho is so tall and handsome! He’s the most handsome man in the Goryeo Dynasty!” “I guess Choi Young is the tallest of all warriors in the Goryeo Dynasty!”

Source: Xportsnews
English Translation: eternalc2h @

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