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Is Lee Min Ho destined to be killed by Lee Sung Gye?

he audience share of SBS TV’s drama series Faith has decreased slightly.

On September 12, AGB Nielsen Media Research reported that the September 11 episode of Faith recorded an audience rating of 11.2 percent. It’s 0.6 percent lower than that of the previous episode, which was 11.8 percent.

In the latest episode, Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) gets frightened by the fact that she saved Lee Sung Gye’s life. She fears that she’s deeply involved in the history of Korea. She asks Jang Bin (played by Lee Phillip), “If I weren’t here, the queen wouldn’t have died. If I didn’t visit Kyung Chang, he wouldn’t have been poisoned to death, either.”

Eun Soo also gets tormented by the fact that she saved the historical figure Lee Sung Gye, who kills Choi Young in the future.

MBC TV’s drama series Golden Time recorded an audience rating of 15.2 percent.

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"Faith" Kim Hee-seon saves Lee Seong-gye

Kim Hee-seon as shocked at the fact that she had just saved Lee Seong-gye.

On the tenth episode of the SBS drama "Faith" on the 11th, there was an emergency patient in the medical room.

It was a boy who needed abdominal surgery with away. Jang Bin (Lee Philip) thought of reliving it by steaming the stomach but Eun-soo (Kim Hee-seon) knew it had to be cut open and decided to go to Ki-cheol's house, where her surgical tools were.

She succeeded in operating on the boy with Jang Bin.

Later, King Gong-min (Ryoo Deok-hwan) and Princess No-guk (Park Se-yeong) praised Eun-soo for saving the boy's life. King Gong-min said, "Was he the son of a high government official? He followed his father all the way up here, it would've been a shame to die now". Court lady Choi (Kim Mi-kyeong) told Eun-soo that his name wa Lee Seong-gye.

Eun-soo was shocked. She asked, "It's not the Lee Seong-gye from the historical books? If it wasn't for me would the Queen have died? If I didn't go see her she wouldn't have died from poison? If I didn't cure the boy would he have died?" She then turned to the people, "He later builds the Chosun..." and grabbed her own mouth.

In the end, Eun-soo was making history as it was in the books. She had just saved the character who destroys the Koryeo and builds the Chosun.

Choi Yeong (Lee Min-ho) appeared soon after to stop Eun-soo from talking about the future. Cheon Eum-ja (Seong Hoon) heard Eun-soo and told Ki-cheol (Yoo Oh-seong). Not knowing this, Eun-soo cried to Choi Yeong, "Do you know what I did? I saved the man who is going to kill you".

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