Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'Faith' Lee Min Ho, found his bright smile while 'tutoring the tomboy'

Fans were happy to see Lee Min Ho find his bright smile again after a long time while 'tutoring the tomboy' with Kim Hee Sun as his counterpart.

On the September 24 broadcast of SBS's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Faith', Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) taught Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) how to use a dagger. Meeting at their special place, which is deemed as their 'date location', Choi Young enforced a 'martial arts lesson', telling Eun Soo to use what he taught her to get out of a sticky situation in the future.

Eun Soo, being a total beginner to a point of holding the dagger backwards, was told by Choi Young to "spread [her]legs, flex [her] stomach, and strike at once." While Choi Young was seriously concentrating on teaching Eun Soo some moves, she mocked his curt way of speaking and danced a 'knife dance', making Choi Young smile at her actions.

Before this, Choi Young displayed his 'pure but macho' charm, as he went to the village to buy Eun Soo a beautiful dagger that she would be able to use. Also, he kidnapped Deok Heung Gun after seeing that he was threateningly bothering Eun Soo, confirming that Choi Young is a warrior 'who knows how to think'.

Choi Young also made viewers laugh when he displayed slight jealously toward Eun Soo. After finding out that Deok Heung Gun met Eun Soo, he questioned her by saying, "When did you meet him? What did you talk about? Why didn't you tell me?" and "You are the one who said that we are in a partnership where we promised to tell each other everything, so you should tell me everything that happens from now on."

Source: TopStarNews

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