Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'Fatih', new characters appear

SBS Mon-Tues drama 'Faith' will start Act 2 with the appearance of new characters.

On the last episode, Choi Young and King Gongmin were planning to attack Ki Cheol, and on the coming episode, an interesting story will be unfolded as new parties will be intervened.

The 9th episode that will be aired today on the 10th. Choi Young and King Gongmin will show a new image of people, not the typical image of 'people' that has been shown in a lot of historical plays until now, and perform a lot of actions and have a lot of talkings that will grab the attention of the audience.

One of the representative from 'Faith' said, "Choi Young will start to become more like the 'real king' as he tries to listen to the people's opinion. You can expect higher as the stories will become richer and richer."

Source: TopStarNews

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