Thursday, September 13, 2012

'Faith' Lee Min Ho, Choi Young's straight talk

Actor Lee Min Ho's straight talk made the audience feel satisfied.

Lee Min Ho threw out what he had in his heart to King Gongmin and Ki Cheol, although they in the higher authority in SBS Mon-Tues drama 'Faith.'

Lee Min Ho's 'straight talk' was aired in the 10th episode on September 11. Choi Young straightforwardly said to Ki Cheol, who was crious about the heaven that Eun Soo came from. Ki Cheol sighed for not being able to be the chosen one saying, "You just opened the heaven gate and followed the king's order? How come the gate was open infront of you? This country had no luck." Choi Young who listened to this replied, "Don't you think it as part of the plan? If you were to be the chosen one, the storage will become empty. If it was me, I wouldn't do what you've done."

In addition, Choi Young also said straightforwardly to King Gongmin. Choi Young who was spreading our information to gather talented people for King Gongmin said, "These people think that I'm like the King's dog" to King Gongmin and put a little smile on his face.

Meanwhile, on this episode, Choi Young brought up the tense when he tried to stop Ki Cheol from attacking King Gongmin. Choi Young placed his sword on Ki Cheol's neck infront of King Gongmin. However, Ki Cheol confessed that Hwasuin and Cheoneumja are killing the talented people one by one. The curiosity of the question 'Will Choi Young able to defend Ki Cheol's attack and save the people?' is rising.

Source: TopStarNews

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