Monday, November 25, 2013

‘The Heirs’ Lee Min-ho’s eating scene fascinates viewers

[TV Report=Moon Ji-youn] An eating scene of Lee Min-ho on ‘The Heirs’ is drawing attention.

Lee Min-ho is appearing on SBS’s drama series ‘The Heirs’(written by Kim Eun-suk, directed by Kang Shin-hyo) as Kim Tan. His eating scene aired in a recent episode where he mustered up courage to resolve a misunderstanding and a conflict captivated viewers.

In the 13th episode of The Heirs, Kim Tan confessed that he was a son of a mistress in front of his fiancé Yu Ra-hel and her family and his father Kim Nam-yun (Jung Dong-hwan) kicked him out of home without money. Kim Tan went to the house of his older brother Kim won (Choi Jin-hyuk).

Before the cold brother, Kim Tan tried to have a meal deliciously and said, “I was beaten by father. He said nothing when I was packing. He kicked me out without any money. Probably because I am a son of a mistress? I was a little said.” Lee Min-ho’s broad-minded acting and sad words toward Choi Jin-hyuk made viewers feel pity for him.

Meanwhile, at Jeguk High School, Kim Tan’s fiancé Yu Ra-hel (Kim Ji-won) and Lee Bo-na (Krystal) found that Kang Ye-seul (Jeon Su-jin)’s family was running a hostess bar in Gangnam. When they tried teasing her by seating her on a chair for the marginalized people, Kim Tan did not hesitate to take away the student’s plate and sat on the chair, repeatedly saying, “I am hungry,” eating a dish of salad.

Seeing the whole situation, Choi Yeong-doh (Kim Woo-bin) said, “Are you going to break the rule?” and poured food on Kim Tan, but he said, “I made the rule. That is why I break it.”

When Cha Eun-sang (Park Shin-hye) asked Kim Tan, “Do you want some donut?,” he bit the opposite party of the donut face to face with Park Shin-hye’s face as a manly man.

‘The Heirs’, which is seeing an increasing viewership rating episode after episode, recorded the viewership rating of 22.1% (Nielson Korea, nationwide) for the 14th episode, making the Kim-tan-sick viewers have a sense of expectation for the next episode.

By Moon Ji-youn Photograph=Starhaus

source: naver

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