Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 24.11.2013

Update on Weibo: "제 웨이보 팬수가 1000만명이 넘었어요!...여러분 감사해요!^^ 很高兴我粉丝突破了1000万,感谢大家一路的支持。谢谢喜欢支持继承者们!我会尽我最大的努力回报你们。"

English Translation: "I got over 10 Million Fans on Weibo! ...everyone Thank You very much! ^^ I am very glad and happy that i exceeded 10 Million followers on Weibo. Thank You very much for the never ending support from all of you. Thank You very much for loving and supporting "The Heirs"! I will do my best in effort to return your love."

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