Thursday, November 28, 2013

‘The Heirs’ are you Lee Min Ho-sick? “Am I addicted to you?”

[TV Report=Moon Ji-youn] What symptoms will we have if we are infected with a ‘Lee Min-ho’ virus’? Self-check of the ‘Lee Min-ho’ virus is drawing attention.

Lee Min-ho, who is appearing on SBS drama series ‘The Heirs (written by Kim Eun-suk, directed by Kang Shin-hyo)’ as Kim Tan, a son of a mistress of Jeguk Group, is enjoying the highest popularity since his debut. The Tan-sick patients are said to have the following symptoms.

◆ First phase
They love Wednesday and Thursday. They review and preview ‘The Heirs’ hard.

They save the image of the handsome face of Lee Min-ho for the home screen of their mobile phone. They cannot pick up the phone since they have to slide the home screen. They rather choose to give up their friends than pushing Lee Min-ho’s face away.

What they want to hear most from their mom is a ‘bastard’. When they hate their father, they want to run away from home.

They want to see a doctor to find if their mind ran away as well. They calculate how many times Tan kissed Eun-sang. When their history teacher asks, “What is the December 12 event?” they answer, “It is a date when ‘The Heirs’ ends.”

They compare who is a better maid between Bok-nyeo (Choi Ji-woo) from ‘Suspicious Maid’ and Eun-sang’s mother (Kim Mi-kyung) from ‘The Heirs’. They like both Eun-sang’s mother since she will be a mother in law of Tan and Bok-nyeo since she is a big fan of Tan who skips dish-washing to watch ‘The Heirs’.

◆ Second phase
They are scolded by their father by saying, “I want to be a child of a mistress.” When they say, “I wish to become the 100th in school grades,” all friends are envious of them. The principal, however, says, “Bring your brother to school.”

They wonder why they do not have body guards and how many meals Tan can have in an empty room. They study to find which one is more intoxicating between Tan’s organic drug and his mother’s wine. They put the words, “I miss Lee Min-ho” into a search box and find solace in that there are many patients like them on the internet.

They only use ‘Kim Tan Math’ for study materials. When they see the logo of KT, they read it as ‘Kim Tan’. The same symptoms happen when they see a Kimbop or a carpet. They turn Pyeon Seung-yeop’s song ‘Chan Chan Chan’ into ‘Tan Tan Tan’. ‘Gukje Group’ looks like ‘Jeguk Group'.

They want their boyfriend to hold their hands and call them ‘fool’. They want a boyfriend who will protect them in front of a lady’s room. They missed a turn-left signal since they only thought about going straight like Kim Tan. They tries removing a threshold of their study and scolded by their father.

◆ Final phase

They murmur that Lee Min-ho is a Lotto in their life with a smile on their face. When they go on a blind date, they cannot concentrate on the counterpart due to Lee Min-ho.
They take off a school uniform and walk only in a shirt to look gorgeous like Lee Min-ho. They want to glue themselves to Kim Tan.
When they were watching ‘The Heirs’ with a pot on fire, the husband shouts, “It is burning!” How many people let a pot burned due to Kim Tan?
When they drool over Kim Tan’s kiss scene, their husbands wait for her with a towel, telling them, “Honey, you lost your mind.”
What planet did Lee Min-ho come from? They buy a telescope to find it out. Looking in the mirror, they talk to themselves, “Tan, if you like me…..” They want to watch the last episode of ‘The Heir’s in the same ward together with other patients of the Lee Min-ho virus.

Kim Tan announced to confront Kim Won (Choi Jin-hyuk) and CEO Kim (Jun Dong-hwan), adding a sense of tension to the drama. The next episode of ‘The Heirs’ will be aired at 10:00 pm on November 28.

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