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The Heirs Lee Min Ho & Choi Jin-hyuk, unfortunate brotherly affection

[OSEN=Lim Young-jin] The world is setting Lee Min-ho and Choi Jin-hyuk apart despite their feelings.

Lee Min-ho and Choi Jin-hyuk is starring in SBS Wed/Thur drama 'The Heirs' as Kingdom group president Kim Nam-yoon's sons Kim Tan and Kim Won. The two look like normal sibling but they are actually half brothers. Won is legal wife's song and Tan is concubine Han Ki-ae(Kim Seong-ryeong)'s son. They seem like a normal family but actually Nam-yoon, Ji-sook(Park Joon-keun), Ki-ae are setting them apart. Forming competitive composition for them.

Lonesome boy Tan's affection for his brother was special. Tan never blames Won who is always bitter and cold to him. Instead he always calls him "my brother". Won is also protective of Tan in critical moments. He is just keeping his distance since Tan will become his rival and start his business in Kingdom group someday.

In 'The Heirs' aired on 27th Won visits Tan's school as his guardian. He was shocked to be informed that Tan is the bottom in the entire school and even cleaned the school glasses for his punishment. He suppress his feelings and scolds, "Are you going to do this bad in your finals as well? Can you actually do worse?"

This makes Tan beam a smile. He thanks his brother and says, "Why am I so happy when you scold me? I though you didn't care about my ranking. Thank you for coming school today.

In the previous episode 14, Jeon Hyun-joo(Lim Joo-eun) who was in a special relationship with Won said to Tan, "(Won) He said his brother is sweet and honest. He has grown tall and has my eyes.(He said). He was right." Tan was moved that his cold brother is actually different inside.

But the two had to play the 'Brothers Revolt' which Nam-yoon set up for them. Won treats Tan more harshly after his concerns happened in reality(Tan's percentage of share holding increase).

Tan tried to turn his brother's mind, "Saw the notice. I thought I had to see you. Look at me. Listen to me. Believe in me. What can I do to make you believe me?" Won who already turned his back said "It is not the truth that moves people. It is the circumstance. Where you stand is your truth. Give up you share holdings and leave for US. Never come back. Then I will believe you."

US was a place of exile for Tan. He studied alone in US in the past but he was not able to see his family, and he just felt deserted. It was natural for Tan to resent his brother who asked him to go there back. He forewarned conflict by saying "How can you say that never come back so easily? I said I will give up my share holdings. I said I won't interfere you way. I am not going to go. I will not give up my share holdings. If you want my stock, try taking it from me."

The two stepped in the war which their surroundings set up. Tan who just loves his brother. Won who cares about his little brother but who can not express. The two will be starting a fight against their wills. It was constantly suggested how the two care for each other. So this fighting over the control of the business will be more sad.

Meanwhile, 'The Heirs' is directed by Kang Sin-hyo director who is famous for 'Tazza' and 'Midus' and written by Kim Eun-sook writer who consecutively made hit dramas like 'Secret Garden' and 'Gentleman's Dignity'. The poor heir heroine will be surrounded by the rich high school students who will inherit business, stock, name, and so on. It is a high teen romantic comedy drama.
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