Friday, November 29, 2013

"Did you miss me?” Focus on Lee Min Ho’s long legs

His legs are long enough to require over three times of mouse scrolling. His legs are endlessly long. He looks gorgeous even when he is in a padded jacked placed roughly on his body. He shows tempting eyes as well. That is probably why many people are ‘Tan-sick’ these days.

Today, ‘Dispatch’ will be ‘Tan-sick’ openly. Do not force a neutral view to us. We are already in love with him. If you are not yet addicted, please check the following texts and photos thoroughly.

This is Lee Min-ho, who is captivating TV viewers these days. He is fascinating female viewers as Kim Tan on SBS-TV 'The Heirs'. His incredibly handsome face and long legs are appearing on TV.

On November 28, Lee Min-ho once again charmed female viewers with a scene where he gave a back hug to Cha Eun-sang (Park Shin-hye). Many female viewers must have identified themselves with Cha Eun-sang. How did the sweet scene come out?

"See it now. Sincerely, if possible. I already started to scroll down." (Kim Tan ver)

On November 27, Lee Min-ho was spotted in Ilsan where 'The Heirs' was being shot. He absolutely stood out among dozens of staff members. We could not help but turn our camera toward him.
If Yeong-doh (Kim Woo-bin) saw him, he would have said,

☞ "Why are you photographing him so seriously? It makes me annoyed."

Those who were near the shooting site hit a jackpot. They forgot about shopping and fell in love with Lee Min-ho. They seemed to be amazed by Lee Min-ho’s handsome visual and long legs. They were busy taking pictures of him in the middle of eating.

The nearby stores were having business paralysis. The clerks stopped working and got carried away. People shouted, “That is Kim Tan" or "Lee Min-ho is here.” They happily clapped their hands as if they hit a jackpot. They showed the high popularity of Lee Min-ho.

"Kim Tan over noodles"

It is said that top stars do not get off their van until a shooting site is fully set. Lee Min-ho was an exception. He was waiting outside despite the freezing cold weather. He said hello to staff members and chatted with them.

There is more. He moved around the shooting site and then stopped in front of a car. He said hello to someone and had a talk with the person for a while. Is it Cha Eun-sang? Or Hyo-shin? It was the arch enermy Yeong-doh.

"Hey, Kim Tan~"

"Yeong-doh, do you like me?"

"Stop loving me~" 

They forgot about charisma for a while. He was smiling all the time without thinking about separation with Cha Eun-sang. It was an innocent smile rarely seen in dramas these days. The child-like smile reminds us of his nickname ‘Binggu Tan’.

He also forgot about coldness that day. Staff members were wearing padded jackets to keep warm. He was the only one in a coat. The stylist gave him a padded jacket, but he refused to wear it. The stylist could not catch up with Lee Min-ho with long legs. If Tan’s mother saw this scene, she might have said,

"Tan, you bastard!”

"You may catch a cold"

Lee Min-ho shot a scene where he bought couple sneakers with Park Shin-hye. He surprisingly gave her a back hug, which is a dream of women in Korea. Fortunately (?), the back hug scene required only two shootings. He should have the new nick name ‘Hug Tan’ since he is good at hugging.

"Yeong-doh, I am shooting soon~"

"Handsome man"

"We are ready"

"Cha Eun-sang, where are you?”

"I am having a cup of tea"

The next scene was shot at a café in Ilsan. Tan and Eun-sang showed off their couple sneakers in a café. The long hours of shooting must have tired him, but he was smiling. He cheerfully walked into the cafe.

"Look. I cannot help but be interested in him"

"So handsome"

'The Heirs' is recording the highest viewership rating among other competitors aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays. One of the major contributors is absolutely Lee Min-ho. He is enthralling female viewers as Kim Tan. He is receiving positive reviews with his excellent acting as well as a great visual. The drama was an opportunity to show another potential of Lee Min-ho.

Written by Kim Su-ji (Dispatch)Photograph=Lee Seung-hun (Dispatch), captured from SBS-TV 'The Heirs'

Source: Naver

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