Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kim Soo Ro Believes Lee Min Ho Will Go to Hollywood

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Having faith in his hoobae, Kim Soo Ro noted that he believes Lee Min Ho will eventually head to Hollywood.

On November 6′s episode of MBC′s Radio Star, Kim Soo Ro appeared as a guest.

The MCs and the guests began talking about Kim Soo Ro′s skill for picking out rookie actors who end up becoming immensely successful.

Among the actors mentioned was Lee Min Ho.

Kim Soo Ro first saw Lee Min Ho at a movie audition, where he supposedly said, “Min Ho will be a leading national actor, so we must show him grace.”

“What I meant was that he was going to be an actor who will represent Korea. Just his visuals alone, I knew he would become a hallyu star. And I had a feeling that when he’s around 30 or 40, he’ll definitely go to Hollywood,” explained Kim Soo Ro.

He added that although the role was already filled, Kim Soo Ro talked with the director and re-cast Lee Min Ho for the role in the movie Our School E.T., which Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Ro acted in together.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently acting in SBS’ The Heirs.

Photo Credit: MBC, Lee Min Ho′s Twitter, SBS

source: ENewsWorld

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