Monday, November 4, 2013

Lee Min Ho, Kim Su-ro, Kim Min-jong's truck food gift "Am I excited?"

[OSEN=Choi Na-young] Actor Kim Su-ro and Lee Min-ho showed off his loyalty.

On 2nd Kim Su-ro and Kim Min-jong delivered set of presents including samgyetang, drink, snacks, and so on full of health food for SBS Wed/Thur drama 'The Heirs' team .
Hence, Lee Min-ho posted his picture with Kim Su-ro on his SNS with a caption that reads "Yesterday, Su-ro and Min-jong visited The Heirs team. Am I excited? Thank you bros."

Kim Su-ro showed his affection "I went with a food truck to cheer The Heirs. I had a short meaningful talk with Min-ho. I encouraged him and said if you end the shooting lets go travel. I am so proud of him. I expect him to shine the world."

In the picture, Kim Su-ro and Lee Min-ho is making a playful face, looking a like.

Especially, Lee Min-ho's bruise and scars on his face is garnering attention. Despite his scars, he is looking playful, making others feel happy as well. His scar seems like his make up for 'The Heirs' shooting. Thus it is raising more curiosity regarding the next episode.

Kim Su-ro and Lee Min-ho met each other in 2008 film 'Our School E.T' and at the time Kim Su-ro praised Lee Min-ho in several interviews. "He will become nation's top actor in six months." He also showed his special affection towards him by saying, "Lee Min-ho is my kindest junior actor even after he became a top star. He is just too adorable."

Lee Min-ho also commented "Kim Su-ro taught me pride and self-esteem as an actor in his spare time. He also give advice regarding life. He is my mentor as actor and as a human."

Meanwhile, 'The Heirs' episode 9 will be aired on Nov6.
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