Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lee Min Ho coveted by advertisers from China and the Philippines

[TV Report=Moon Ji-youn] Overseas companies are showing keen interest in actor Lee Min-ho.

Staff from large companies of China and the Philippines, which are hiring Lee Min-ho as a commercial model, have recently visited Korea for advertisement for 2014. Since Lee Min-ho is busy shooting SBS’s drama series ‘The Heirs’, he cannot go overseas.

A dozen staff members of the global company and the largest fashion brand ‘BENCH’ of the Philippines, including marketing manager, advertisement team, and Singapore-Philippines project team, has recently prepared a photo shoot with Lee Min-ho for a new product at a studio in Gangnam, Seoul. It is said that Lee Min-ho took time out of the drama schedule for the photo shoot.

Particularly, the president of ‘BENCH’, a close friend of Lee Min-ho, visited Korea to support him and uploaded a picture taken together with Lee Min-ho on his Twitter account. He said, “I finished an amazing project with Lee Min-ho in Seoul.” Lee Min-ho was invited to the Philippines in November last year as an equivalent to a state guest and had a fan meeting in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Lee Min-ho did a photo shoot with China’s largest casual brand ‘Sen Ma’. For the photo shoot, over 20 staff members including a local photographer. The photo shoot took place at a studio and streets in Seoul.
‘Sen Ma’, which has about 8,000 stores in China, is considered as one of the most popular fashion brands for young people in China. Lee Min-ho attended an opening event of a ‘Sen Ma’ store in Xi’an in April, but the event was cancelled due to safety issues as hundreds of people gathered to see him.

One of the staff members said, “Currently, the Lee Min-ho craze is under way again in China and Southeast Asia thanks to ‘The Heirs’. If the drama is aired in these countries, Lee Min-ho will ascend to the very top position as an international star.

A source from Lee Min-ho’s agency said, “It is desirable to do the photo shoot in each country, but it was impossible to take time out of his busy schedules. So we took the plan B.”

Lee Min-ho’s agency shook hands with each staff member and shared a meaningful time together. The agency tried to let them know about the Korean culture by treating them with Korea’s gourmet food such as Galbi. The staff members are said to have thumbed up toward Lee Min-ho.

Lee Min-ho is appearing in SBS’s drama series ‘The Heirs’ as a tempting rich man ‘Kim Tan’, making TV viewers glued to TV with his sensitive acting and beautiful eyes..

By Moon Ji-youn Photograph=Starhaus

source: naver

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