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The Heirs Lee Min Ho·Park Shin Hye, beautiful love makes it more sad

[OSEN=Seon Mi-kyung] Some times couple break up despite their best effort. Like 'The Heirs' Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye couple, their love is sad because it is beautiful.

In SBS Wed/Thur drama 'The Heirs'(writer Kim Eun-sook, director Kang Sin-hyo) aired on 28th afternoon, Cha Eun-sang(Park Shin-hye) eventually broke up with Kim Tan(Lee Min-ho). Cha Eun-sang was forced to break up with Kim Tan by his father Kim Nam-yoon(Jung Dong-hwan) president. Kim Tan tried to protect Cha Eun-sang with his shares he received from his father.

Kim Tan told her to believe in him. By agreeing take Kim Won(Choi Jin-hyuk) side in the shareholders meeting, he found a house for Cha Eun-sang and her mother to stay in. He spent a happy time with Cha Eun-sang and went to the company. He confronted his father to protect Cha Eun-sang.

On the other hand, Cha Eun-sang was preparing to leave Kim Tan. Kim Nam-yoon told her she was ruining Tan's life and was forced to break up with him. Eventually, Cha Eun-sang decides to leave him for his safety despite her feelings for him.

In the shareholder meeting which president Kim Nam-yoon set up, Kim Tan took Kim Won's side and was informed that Cha Eun-sang left Korea. He looks everywhere for her and realize that he spared her time leave while he was planning to protect her with his shares. Kim Tan sobbed after losing Cha Eun-sang.

For now, Kim Tan expressed his feelings for Cha Eun-sang straightforwardly. Although Cha Eun-sang kept refusing him due to their difference, he kept confessing his feelings to her regardless of his fiance. Eventually Cha Eun-sang opened her heart.

Cha Eun-sang was special for Kim Tan. She approached him when he was deeply feeling lonely in US due to his half brother. He starts to feel love to Cha Eun-sang who is so much different from him. The two people with scars, became closer by comforting each others' pain. They sincerely started to love each other which was not out of convenience. Moreover, his relationship with past best friend but now enemy Choi Young-do(Kim Woo-bin) has become better thanks to Cha Eun-sang.

His loss was well delivered to the viewers. Kim Tan's soundless cry was even more beautiful as his feelings for Cha Eun-sang was well delivered. Kim Tan lost his lover due to his father. Cha Eun-sang left Kim Tan to give him freedom. Will their love come true? Or will they collapse in this ordeal? The next story is garnering attention.
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