Friday, November 29, 2013

The Heirs Lee Min Ho, eventually lost Park Shin-hye..wails

[OSEN=Seon Mi-kyung] 'The Heirs' Park Shin-hye eventually chose to leave Lee Min-ho.

In SBS Wed/Thur drama 'The Heirs'(writer Kim Eun-sook, director Kang Sin-hyo) episode 16 aired on 28th afternoon, Cha Eun-sang was forced to break up with Kim Tan by his father Kim Nam-yoon(Jung Dong-hwan) president. He lost Cha Eun-sang by trying to protect his brother Kim Won(Choi Jin-hyuk).

Kim Nam-yoon president suggested her two choice. She can go anywhere she wants if she breaks up with Tan right away. Or she can meet Tan fro fifteen days and go to where he wants her to. Even more, he paid off her mother's debt making her the girl who left for money.

Although Cha Eun-sang did not say anything, Kim Tan heard her study abroad plan by Yoon Jae-ho(Choi Won-young). Afterwards, he tries to protect her with his shares. He took Kim Won(Choi Jin-Hyuk) side in the Kingdom group shareholders meeting so that he can prepare Cha Eun-sang and her mother's place to live. He tried his best to protect her with his share holdings.

However, she was preparing to leave him. President Kim Nam-yoon insulted her and her mother and said she was ruining Kim Tan's life.

Eventually, she decides to leave him out of love. Kim Tan was not able to stop her due to him participating in the shareholders meeting. He was devastated when Kim Nam-yoon informed him that Cha Eun-sang left.

They are garnering attention whether they will be breaking up as president Kim Nam-yoon planned or will be able to protect their love.
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