Friday, November 1, 2013

'The Heirs' Lee Min Ho, your privacy intrusion is always welcome

[OSEN=Lim Young-jin] SBS Wed/Thur drama 'He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs' Lee Min-ho is always welcome.

The Heirs' aired on Oct.31 featured Kim Tan(Lee Min-ho) aggressively expressing his feelings to Cha Eun-sang(Park Shin-hye). His lines, gestures, facial expression and every other thing he does seem to captivate females naturally. He is blowing life into his 'fairy tale prince' character.

Tan went to the cafe where Eun-sang is working part time and said "I started to like you. From now on I am going to mind in your business and invade your privacy."
Afterwards, he followed her everywhere around. He waits her(who goes to school early) in the early morning at school. He says to surprised Eun-sang, "I told you that I am going to invade your privacy. I didn't just say I am going to mind your business." After chatting with Eun-sang for a while, and leaves her after stroking her hair.

In break time, he waits her at the broadcasting room. When she was waiting for the announcement, he asks her "Shall I lobby for you? I am very close with Hyo-shin."

Even at home he followed her around. When she was coming out from Han Ki-ae(Kim Seong-ryeong)'s room with a blue face, he seriously ask her "Will you accept my apology?" and then make jokes like "Are you sure you are just anxious if I am around you? Is it not because your heart is pounding?", "Go awat where? This is my home." and lights up the atmosphere.

Tan has a hunch that Choi Young-do(Kim Woo-bin) started to have feelings for Eun-sang as well. When Young-do know all her part time job schedule and visits her because he is lonely made him notice his feelings. Young-do's feelings for Eun-sang seemed different.

This forewarns a lot of tension between Tan, Eun-sang and Young-do's entangle love. But you never know the odds. We will have to keep an eye on Rachel Yoo(Kim Ji-won). Tan's fiance and Young-do's half sister, is planning a scheme to get back on Eun-sang. Young-do will be playing a important role in this scheme.

source: naver

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