Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lee Min Ho Makes Kim Ji Won Cry

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Kim Ji Won’s hard and cold exterior has finally cracked.

In recently released still cuts of SBS’ The Heirs, Kim Ji Won burst into tears in front of Lee Min Ho.

In the drama, Kim Ji Won plays Yoo Rachel, a character who has always kept her poker face in all kinds of situations. However, the new photos showed the moment when she cracked, especially in front of her family-arranged fiancé. Viewers are wondering if this is an important point in the engaged couple’s relationship.

The scene was shot on November 9 in Yuseong-gu in Daejeon, where the actors tried to get in the uncomfortable and cold mood of their characters by not speaking to any of the staff members as much as they usually do.

Once the cameras started rolling, Kim Ji Won immediately dropped large tears, allowing the scene to be finished within an hour.

“For this crying scene, I kept thinking about the music I used to practice and thought about the situations as written in the script,” said Kim Ji Won. “I think I was able to get the right emotions out faster than forcibly letting it out.”

Episode 11 will broadcast on November 13.

Photo Credit: Hwa and Dam Pictures

source: ENewsWorld

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