Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lee Min Ho’s drama, ‘City Hunter’ is a great hit

Actor Lee Min Ho pulled off a great coup in the SBS’s drama, City Hunter.

Lee Min Ho received great reviews for his third drama, City Hunter. The drama is based on the comic book with the same title. There were some concerns about him when he was selected as the main character, because the character in the book was very charming.

Lee Yoon Sung, the character played by Lee Min Ho, quickly put those worries to rest. City Hunter is an action drama, but it has various genre, including romance, comedy, and fantasy. Lee Min Ho played his role in the drama without a flaw.

In Lee Min Ho’s previous dramas, Boys over Flowers or Personal Taste, he had several main characters so Lee Min Ho could act with other actors. But in the City Hunter, Lee Min Ho plays the lead role and controls the plot. The heroine, Kim Nana, played by Park Min Young said, “Lee Min Ho has many solo scenes.”

The City Hunter was a popular program with over 20% of the audience tuning in. This is a remarkable growth.
Initially he was a relatively a new actor, but over time, Lee Min Ho has become a great actor now. He received high praise among the audience.
One of Lee Min Ho’s representatives said, “Shooting the City Hunter was a challenge for him. He was under great pressure to lead the plot. But his performances get better and better. We are reading many new scripts thanks to the City Hunter’s success.”

Source: SPN from Nate
English Translation: dkrogers
Credits: Lee Min Ho's Fan Club

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