Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jeon Do-yeon “I want to act with Lee Min-ho more than Lee Byeong-heon”

International actress Jeon Do-yeon chose Lee Min-ho as the one she wants to act with the most.

MBC “Section TV” showed Jeon Do-yeon talking about the many ‘love calls’ she received from other actors.

Recently Lee Byeong-Heon said he would like to work with Jeon Do-yeon again andLee Min-ho too, said he wants to try a couple act with her.

Jeon Do-yeon chatted about how many actors wanted to work with her.

When she was asked to pick between Lee Byeong-Heon and Lee Min-ho to work with, she fell into thought. However, soon enough she said, “I prefer young ones” and chose Lee Min-ho.

On this day, she proved her young looks fashioning a short cut hairstyle at the poster shooting site of her movie “Countdown”.

Source: Nate News & Hancinema

Here’s the video clip of Jeon’s interview

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