Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lee Min Ho shoots drama despite getting hurt from gunpowder debris

Lee Min-ho is going through rough times for his first action acting ever.

SBS “Good Morning” found the drama shooting site of SBS drama “City Hunter“.

Lee Min-ho who plays Lee Yoon-seong, an MIT doctorate Blue House National Communications team agent, is attempting at his first action drama.

Even though he got hurt on his shoulder from gunpowder debris during the shoot, he still continued filming.

During a break, Lee Min-ho said, “It was awesome but tiring. I started training 3 months before the shoot and I’ve been using my bad wrist a lot for the actions so it’s not well”.

He continued, “I can just barely deal with it”.

Source: Nate / Credits: loveghs.wordpress.com
Translated by Hancinema

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