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" City Hunter" - Lee Min Ho's love to Park Min Young, pretend that it's a " Lie, Miss-Love",a hard scene

[Newsen, reporter Kwon Su Bin] Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young realize their feeling for each other, especially Park Min Young who realize that she loves Lee Min Ho.
SBS latest drama "City Hunter" (written by Hwang Eun Kyeong and Cho Su Jin, directed by Jin Hyeok) is airing their 10th episode on 23rd of June. The story was about Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) that saves Lee Yoon Seong (Lee Min Ho) and treat his from his wound and tell him the truth.
On the other side, Lee Min Ho's step father Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Jung) wants to do something to it (something bad, exactly), afraid that Lee Yoon Seong concentration on chasing his target is disturbed. When Lee Yoon Seong and Kim Na Na is getting closer, he planned a threat. Lee Yoon Seong that's afraid something bad would happened to Na Na, get out from the house. Lee Yoon Seong know that Kim Na Na already figured out that he's the City Hunter, is afraid that something bad would happened to Kim Na Na. Kim Na Na that didn't know anything is trying to get closer to Yoon Seong. Yoon Seong said " Why are you being like this? " and Kim Na Na say " Because i like you...", making a testimony to Yoon Seong.
And Kim Na Na also said " Lee Yoon Seong ssi, even though you're weird and talk harshly, i like you..." and " i'm feeling miserable, but i've decided that i'll face my feelings honestly.." with a bright face, not bothered. But Lee Yoon Seong said "Don't act like you know me from this day on..." and " i can't stand this anymore.." and left Kim Na Na alone after Kim Na Na confessing. After being left alone, Kim Na Na said to herself, while she's holding her tears "You already did well, Kim Na's a good thing already when you like someone.."
Meanwhile, the growing process and the social problems on "City Hunter" became the most interesting thing on the drama, and became the first material of the drama.

Original Korean Text:

시티헌터’ 이민호, 사랑고백한 박민영에 “구질구질해” 독설

시티헌터’ 이민호, 사랑고백한 박민영에 “구질구질해” 독설
[뉴스엔 권수빈 기자]

박민영이 이민호에게 사랑 고백을 했다.

6월 23일 방송된 SBS 수목드라마 ‘시티헌터’(극본 황은경 최수진/연출 진혁) 10회에서 김나나(박민영 분)는 자신에게 갑자기 모질게 대하는 이윤성(이민호 분)에게 좋아하는 마음을 솔직하게 고백했다.

이윤성은 양아버지 이진표(김상중 분)가 김나나에게 나쁜 짓을 할 것이 두려워 김나나의 집에서 나왔다. 또 더 이상 김나나와 가까워지면 안 되겠다는 생각에 그녀에게 차갑게 대하기 시작했다.

하지만 이윤성이 시티헌터라는 걸 알게 된 김나나는 이윤성에 대한 마음이 점점 커졌다. 이윤성이 내쳐도 사근하게 굴던 김나나는 결국 속마음을 밖으로 내뱉고 말았다. “왜 이렇게 들이대”냐는 이윤성에게 김나나는 “좋아하니까요”라고 불쑥 고백을 내뱉었다.

김나나는 “이윤성씨 제멋대로고 말도 못되게 해도 좋아한다고요”라며 “비참하지만 내 감정에 충실하겠다”고 애써 밝은 표정으로 말했다. 하지만 이윤성은 “아는 척 하지 말아야겠다”며 “구질구질하다”고 단발마 말을 남긴 뒤 자리를 떠났다. 홀로 남은 김나나는 눈물을 떨구며 “잘했어 김나나. 좋아한다는 건 좋은 거니까”라며 애써 스스로 위안했다.

한편 이날 ‘시티헌터’에서는 반값 등록금 등 사회적 문제를 드라마 속 소재로 삼아 눈길을 끌었다.

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Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

P.S -> I'm really sorry for the late posting!! ^^ this news is for City Hunter 10th episode, aired on 23rd of June...too many slangs on this news and i have to work hard for translating this..really i told you before, i'm poor in Korean...T____T

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