Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lee Min Ho Twitter Update 17/05/2011

" 오늘 시티헌터 제작발표회에서 멋진 응원을 선물받았습니다!! ^^ 시티헌터 화이팅!! 여러분도 화이팅!! Press conference is over. Thank you for cheering ^^... http://fb.me/FAV2PB9Y "

on Tuesday, 17th May 2011, via Facebook

English Translation : " This is the gift i receive at the press vonference of 'City Hunter' today, there was really  a lot of happy cheers!! ^^ City Hunter Fighting!! All of you, Fighting!! Press conference is over. Thank you for cheering ^^ "

The link Lee Min Ho gave go straight to the photos he posted on Facebook:

English Translation : Monika

Credits : Lee Min Ho Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho Official Facebook Account 

P.S -> He look very cute with the signature give Tsukasa Hojo gave him!!! he look pretty proud of himself?? LOL...^^
Our "Ahjussi" looks really happy after the press conference...i think he cut his hair again, makes his brown hair (he dye his hair brown before, right??) looks darker than before...i'm not sure he dye his hair again in Black because it still looks brown?? LOL...*please ignore this*

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