Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lee Min Ho interview on SBS TV - Hope

To tell the truth, i was so shocked when all of my friends (especially Korean Minoz) give me this video, it was not scheduled, right??? kekeke...

Looks like he did this interview to support "Children's Day" (어린이날)  that's celebrated on 5th of May...
Remember, Lee Min Ho is a ambassador for UNICEF (The United Nations Children's Fund), right?? so, i think 
he want to do this because he loves children...^^ such a nice guy...^^ *blush*

Credits : Falcon (@FALCON1004) and CatMom (both were Korean Minoz)

Sorry for not providing English subtitle for this video, since the interview is brand new...^^
But generaly, Lee Min Ho said that children were like flowers, precious and beautiful, so we shouldnt' hit them with even flowers !!! ^^
Looks like he and several friends of him were watching a video about poor children and they provide an emergency call for children...T__T (but tell me if i'm wrong, kekekeke...^^)
Remember Lee Min Ho want to make a trending topic last year on November?? he said too in his tweet that children was precious and beautiful, so he cheer them...^^ and wrote # 꽃으로도때리지 말라 (#donothitthemwithevenflowers) on his twitter, asking Minoz to join him...^^
Sorry, it's just a reminder, even though this video is talking about a different topic and at a different event, but the point is he care about Children!! ^^ Thank You, Lee Min Ho ssi !!! 

이민호 씨, 파이팅 !!! ^^ (Lee Min Ho ssi, FIGHTING!!! ^^ )

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