Monday, May 23, 2011

Lee Min Ho - SBS "Good Morning" interview at "City Hunter" Press Conference

Minoz, on 23rd May 2011, Lee Min Ho and all of SBS "City Hunter" casts was interviewed at 9.20 AM for SBS "Good Morning"...^^
Thank You for all of my Minoz sisters who gave me this video...^^
Well, ENJOY !! ^^

YouTube version :

credits : SBS /

And if any of you can't see the video because it's blocked by SBS on your country, you can see it via vimeo here : 

credits : Meow, DC,

P.S -> This video seems to be a little bit formal, don't you think?? but anyway it's too bad they only interview them for only 3 minutes..but we enjoy it, right?? kekeke...^^
i love it when they ask Park Min Young's opinion for her kiss scene with Lee Min Ho...^^

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