Sunday, May 8, 2011

" City Hunter " Preview - First Trailer

Minoz, Finally !!! this is the video we've been waiting for!!! ^^ this is the official preview of SBS "City Hunter" that would aired on 25th of May!!! ^^
Thank You to all of my Minoz sisters who gave this video to me!!! Including my Joy sis from Philippines, KimSoCool sis from Korea and especially SLfrom (Sebastian Lee, one of "City Hunter" producer) who spread it through his Twitter!!! and every one of my Minoz sisters who spread this trailer...^^

Credits : SLfrom (Sebastian Lee, one of "City Hunter" producer) Joy from Philippines and KimSoCool  from Korea

Isn't Lee Min Ho just handsome??? the shots scenes and the action scene was totally awesome and cool!!! (but i think the background songs is a little bit weird though, it didn't match the action scenes?? LOL..^^)
his scene with Park Min Young makes me envy, i'm telling you!!! LOL...^^ and Lee Min Ho was right, even though there was a lot of action here, the move is a little bit light??? kekekeke..^^
I'm sorry i'm posting this this through TwitVid since it's the only version available for this trailer...actually, there's a YouTube version of this video that you can download, but YouTube is blocking the background song (and i really don't know why...)
If there's a YouTube version of this Trailer, i promise that i'll post it here...For the mean time, ENJOY!! ^^

시티허터, 파이팅!! ^^ CITY HUNTER, FIGHTING!! ^^

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