Thursday, May 5, 2011

BOF_SS501_TMAX is looking for admins, need more people for BOF

Hi Guys...Monika here, kekekeke..^^
As you know, i'm one of admins on @BOF_SS501_TMax and now they need 3 admins !!!
1 for SS501, 1 for Boys Over Flowers and one for T-Max !!
And as you know, looks like  i'm taking over the BOF part, and they need more people on BOF...

So, for all of you who want to join this fanbase (and, of course, join me also), PLEASE !!!

What should you write on your Email is : 
1. Your Name
2. Your Age
3. And your Twitter account
THAT'S IT !! ^^ and we'll send you a feedback by email !!! ^^

Thank You guys, and see you there !!! ^^ 고맙숩니다!!! ^^ 

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