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"Unique Position" Lee Min Ho's Overwhelming Brand Power in the World - 24.01.2017

South Korean Actor Lee Min Ho is showing of is overwhelming brand power both domestically and globally.

SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" has keep the top rank for Wednesday-Thursday Time slot from the they of the 1st broadcast. Meanwhile, the 19th episode viewers rating has surpassed 21% Nationwide (AGB Nielsen). The drama has renewed their own highest rating, and Lee Min Ho's popularity again has been proven. Overseas, Lee Min Ho and SBS "Legend of the Blue Sea" has attracted domestic and foreign fans with hot interest.

Of course, Lee Min Ho's status is well reflected in the results of several polls and surveys. For example, "Hancinema" as one of the international news site portal, a database for Korean Movies and Drama named him as one of the best actor. This year, they select "Legend of the Blue Sea" as one of the "Drama of the Year". Meanwhile, "Soompi" as one of the largest community forum and news site in English has held a poll and survey for the best actor win which Lee Min Ho won. The Philippines video streaming platform "iFlix" also named Lee Min Ho as one of the Best Actor of 2016, reaching number 1 with 41.74% vote.
SNS response about the actor again confirming the power behind the name. In China, "Legend of the Blue Sea" is one of the hottest drama. The largest SNS platform in China, "Weibo", the hashtag "Legend of the Blue Sea" has reach total of 4.8 Billion, confirming the power of Lee Min Ho. Only 12 hours of the 1st broadcast of "Legend of the Blue Sea" drama, the hashtag won 1st place, both in Weibo and Overseas drama popularity chart.

Lee Min Ho's popularity is what drives this kind of reaction. Lee Min Ho's follower has reach 2.9 Million as of January 2017. It's indeed overwhelming as one of the top Korean Star. It can be said that at least half of the population in the Republic of Korea is following Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho scene of "Jealousy" has broke search engines after the broadcast. Not to mention that his Green Knit Sweater has also reach 2nd place is several search engines. Lee Min Ho in Public Bath, Over Protective Tsundere Lee Min Ho, so many of his character's action an fashion are getting attention, made SNS trending topic.

The popularity of "Legend of the Blue Sea" in several countries are even more striking. Since the launch of "Legend of the Blue Sea", drama and movies streaming platform "iFlix: has doubled the amount of subscribers, 20% of them due to the drama "Legend of the Blue Sea". In Pay TV service "ONE TV" which serve Asia including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos, their 1st broadcast took first place. Almost 92% Singaporean and 82% Korean subscribers watch the drama. In "Viki", another video streaming platform which service North and South America also Europe, "Legend of the Blue Sea" led to over 64,000 followers during the 3 weeks of broadcasting. Drama"Legend of the Blue Sea" which currently airing is till at the of their weekly popular drama ranking, and "Heirs" also ranked number one in the overall popularity of Korean dramas.

"ONE TV" spokesperson stated "Heo Jun Jae of 'Legend of he Blue Sea' is the result of Lee Min Ho's charm. Lee Min Ho's acting ability and character differences are making the character Heo Jun Jae attractive. The energy of Lee Min Ho's fans who have waited for Lee Min Ho's comeback in 3 years is showing explosive power."

On the other hand, Lee Min Ho who currently shooting the last episode of "Legend of the Blue Sea" also showed his powerful name by selling 6,000 seats for his fan meeting ahead in February 2017. Fans from around the world are very excited to meet Lee Min Ho during the fan meeting that would be held 2 days, 18th and 19th of February 2017.

Digital Issue Team Reporter Yu Byung Cheol onlinenews@wowtv.co.kr

source: Naver

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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