Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Legend of the Blue Sea" Jeon Ji Hyun comforting crying Lee Min Ho who lost his father, Chest-Crying - 18.01.2017

[OSEN = Reporter Park Jin Young] SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" has only 3 episodes left, and Jeon Ji Hyun was seen to comfort Lee Min Ho that currently facing sadness, Jeon Ji Hyun embrace him to comfort him. Lee Min Ho who has lost his father, currently experiencing like the sky has fallen on him and Jeon Ji Hyun stays by his side. The latest still cuts are drawing more attention because if reflects the meaning of true love.

The Wednesday-Thursday SBS Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (Written by Park Ji Eun / Directed by Jin Hyuk / Culture Depot of South Korea / Production House Studio Dragon) released their latest still cuts that seems to be coming from the 18th episode that will be broadcasted today on 18th of January. They seems to be hugging in front of the morgue. On the previous 17th episode, Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) ran to his father, Chairman Heo Il Joong (Choi Jeong Woo)'s house after hearing the message by his father, only to find out that his father had already lost his life. Heo Jun Jae suspected that his step mother Kang Seo Hee (Hwang Shin Hye) was behind all of it, trying to take all of his father's money. Heo Jun Jae has mention his suspicion to his father, but his father who just find out that Heo Jun Jae work as a con-artist throw a fit, saying that Heo Jun Jae was lying and trying to put up a scene against his own father. Heo Jun Jae then eventually had to left his father house, which is previously his own house after his own father turn his down like that. However, Chairman Heo then find out that his own son was right, and called Heo Jun Jae. He wanted to admit that he was wrong, but then Heo Jun Jae was unable to take the call. Heo Jun Jae hear the message a little bit to late and came running back to his father's house, only to find his father covered in a white cloth.

Heo Jun Jae then was seen on the latest still cuts on his feelings towards his father, his longing and his hatred to his father. He blamed himself for failing to protect his father. The latest still cuts release today were seem to be more sad, to see Heo Jun Jae currently facing the pain as like the sky has fallen on him. Heo Jun Jae still can't admit is father's death and in front of the morgue, Sim Chung (Jeon Ji Hyun) stay right beside him to share his sorrow.

Just like this, "Heo Jun Jae-Sim Chung" couple show a solid love that goes beyond romantic and hot love. They stay together not only by words, not only during happy times but also when each other needs comfort. The couple has got more support and love from the viewers. Heo Jun Jae is still aware that crisis are still coming towards them (especially after knowing the tragic death of Kim Dam Ryeong and Se Hwa couple), and it's very sweet to know that they're giving solid support to each other no matter what kind of crisis or difficult situation that might happen. Viewers seems to realize more on the meaning of "True Love", and curious on whether the two be able to protect their love.

The representatives of "Legend of the Blue Sea" said "Please look forward and support Heo Jun Jae and Sim Chung couple pure comfort and warm towards each other, to show their sold diamond love~"

[Photo] Culture Depot of South Korea, Studio Dragon, SBS Content Hub

source: OSEN/Naver

Korean-English Translation: Monika Setiono

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