Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lee Min Ho "Legend of the Blue Sea" Storming in Tears - Viewers Cause of Heartbreak - 17.01.2017

[Sports Chosun.com Reporter Lee Ji Hyeon] SBS Wednesday - Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" only had 3 episodes left, but yet we had to sea a storm of tears from the male lead due to his father. The latest still cuts of the male lead Lee Min Ho was finally released. Lee Min Ho and his father Choi Jeong Woo's part has been able to touch the audience, tearing our hearts and stimulate our tears. In particular, when Lee Min Ho himself was seen crying with perfect acting to portray his broken heart, his perfect and real acting performance has been successfully delivered to the audience, and increase the degree of immersion. 

SBS Wednesday - Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" announced on the 17th of January that this week broadcast of 18th and 19th episode will be the perfect time to unfold the story, the retelling of the relationship between the male lead Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) and his father Heo Il Joong (Choi Jeong Woo). As a child, viewers perhaps have already know that Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) left home in order to chase after and find his biological mother Mo Yoo Ran (Na Young Hee), who lives separately from him and his father. It is after Manager/Secretary Nam (Park Ji Il) was admitted to the hospital that Heo Jun Jae met his father, and getting more devoted to find his mother. Heo Jun Jae was aware, a little bit late but worried on his father who got weaker and weaker. At first he was so cold as a son, and the wall inside his mind was hardly broke since he was not aware of his father's situation. Have always wanted to meet his father but could not get close..the same with his father was what perhaps happen in Heo Jun Jae's situation.

The father and son met again, but the situation has got worse. Heo Jun Jae, who finally find his mom and find surprising facts on his step mother decided to do a con-scene and break through his father, which was previously his own house. He then find a small dark room upstairs, and saw his lonely father. Heo Jun Jae then know what has been going on, getting furious on how his father's vision could get worse. Losing his temper, he open all of the facts on what he knew to his currently almost blind father, but his father Chairman Heo Il Joong refused to know the truth. Heo Jun Jae open up on who might did this to his father, but Chairman Heo only believed on the facts that his own son Heo Jun Jae was a con-artist. The two was depressingly could not talk with each other.

According to the production crew of "Legend of the Blue Sea", Lee Min Ho has understand more than 100% on Heo Jun Jae's current unfortunate situation and heart. It will be expected, for his is a professional who actively engaged in acting classes. Lee Min Ho successfully shown his sad and sorry heart as a son, looking angrily at his father without being able to do anything and getting weaker day by day.

Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) watch his father came out covered with a white cloth, storming in tears and said "Father..i'm sorry~", he show a child's heart and felt that he has not obey his father. The scene stimulate the viewer's tears, as a pity for Heo Jun Jae had to send his father away without any reconciliation beforehand.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" representatives said "Lee Min Ho naturally absorbed into Heo Jun Jae's character and captivated by him. Please expect on how him and his mother will struggle to recover, trying to restore themselves back to their rightful place..Please continue to give us a lot of support and love~" Olzllovely@sportschosun.com

source: Naver/SportsChosun

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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