Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lee Min Ho Is Praised And Thanked By “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” Producer

In an interview with news outlet OSEN, Jin Hyuk, the producer of “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” shared his thoughts on actor Lee Min Ho.

He revealed, “Lee Min Ho has grown a lot since the last time I saw him three years ago. The character Heo Joon Jae changes a lot throughout the drama, and Lee Min Ho did a great job portraying the different sides to the character. In the climax of the series, there were many crying scenes, like when he lost his father or when he cried for Shim Chung, and Lee Min Ho carried out those scenes very impressively. He is extremely good at concentrating. I would say he has grown from a star to a real actor, considering the way he would give it his all despite the cold weather and would carefully monitor his acting.”He further praised, “What hasn’t changed about him is that he’s a hardworking actor. He’s always humble and serious about acting. I expect he must have been really tired during the last half of filming, but he was the one who treated the staff to the most meals and coffee. I think it was very sweet of him.”

The producer also spoke up about how much Lee Min Ho contributed to creating the drama.

“In the beginning of the story, Shim Chung couldn’t talk, so Lee Min Ho had to lead all of those scenes. He gave me many ideas for the comical scenes and suggested that we do the action scenes in a certain way. You could even say that some of the scenes we shot in Spain were completed by Lee Min Ho. I’m really thankful that he helped me out with the production,” he expressed.

source: soompi

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