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"Legend of the Blue Sea" Lee Min Ho - Jeon Ji Hyun, Mermaid's "Introduction and Study, Completion to Love~" - 09.01.2017

[OSEN = Reporter Park Jin Young] SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" is giving a lesson on stages of love regarding to mermaids, which is "Romantic Love-Hot Love-Dirty Love". The lead couple Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) and Sim Chung (Jeon Ji Hyun) has moved forwards from Romantic Love to Hot Love which include a heart-thumping and romantic street date, and soon enough both of them are heading to Dirty Love, which make viewers curious.

The Wednesday-Thursday SBS Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (Written by Park Ji Eun / Directed by Jin Hyuk / Culture Depot of South Korea / Production House Studio Dragon) are taking their time for the viewers to review Heo Jun Jae and Sim Chung's love affair ahead of this week episode 16th and 17th broadcast. When Sim Chung and Heo Jun Jae have fully know that Heo Jun Jae is able to hear Sim Chung's inner voice, viewers can see their pure love in the air. Sim Chung then stated to Heo Jun Jae on what she has learned on love from her homeless friend (cameo Hong Jin Kyung). She learn the stages of love, "Romantic Love-Hot Love-Dirty Love" from her friend and reinterpreted in her own love life with Heo Jun Jae, loving him with all she got. ◆ Step 1: Romantic Love!: "Hey Heo Jun Jae, Will you enjoy having fun in all vain formalities?"

The steps or having food together, drinking together, watching movies together, and so on. At the end Heo Jun Jae and Sim Chung enjoy their date on the 1st stage of love. They made romantic moments together, walking while holding hands together on the streets, eating TteokBeokki, drinking together, watching movies, playing on an arcade as a couple to be seen to public as a couple. It has not actually took a long while for Heo Jun Jae and Sim Chung to know each other's heart, but to finally announce to the public that they are lovers is something else, and they enjoy their date.

◆ Step 2: Hot Love!: "I won't do anything, just holding your hands and sleep~"

The fact that Heo Jun Jae has known that Sim Chung was a mermaid has been revealed. From the time Jun Jae able to hear Sim Chung's inner voice and remember the memory that Sim Chung has erased, the relationship between the two has been confirmed to be extraordinary. Gone is the pureness of "Romantic Love", they have gone to the stage of "Hot Love", loving each other deeper and trusting each other deeper by faith. The "Love Index" of the couple has soared high. Viewers might have remember when Heo Jun Jae gives Sim Chung a pair of boots to prevent her feet to get wet due to the rain, while also preparing an umbrella. Meanwhile, Sim Chung previously tried to erase Heo Jun Jae short memory and pinned him by the wall, in which Heo Jun Jae almost couldn't get away. The two created a strange, romantic yet sweet aura that warm viewers.

◆ Step 3: Dirty Love! "It's only for professionals!"

The last step is the one Sim Chung yearn the most, in which she knew that it'll a step where a couple can ended badly if both of them approach in a bad way. In the part era, mermaid Se Hwa (Jeon Ji Hyun) and Kim Dam Ryeong (Lee Min Ho) had to die together, it was an inevitable choice since they couldn't stop loving each other and ended up having a sad ending. However, Heo Jun Jae lied to Sim Chung when the told her the story of Se Hwa and Dam Ryeong, saying that "The two live happily forever, having many beautiful kids and raising them beautifully~".His answer broke viewer's hearts as a realization that Sim Chung couldn't endure to stay on dry land for too long, Viewers are wondering if their "Dirty Love" will end beautifully and happily, or will the past be repeated.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" representatives stated "Please continue to watch the Heo Jun Jae and Sim Chung's romance, and how the fate of the two brought them from 'Hot Love' towards 'Dirty Love' with a lot of interest and support~"

Meanwhile, the Wednesday-Thursday SBS Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (Written by Park Ji Eun / Directed by Jin Hyuk / Culture Depot of South Korea / Production House Studio Dragon) itself is a fantasy romance filled with laughter and fun. The drama also have unpredictable events as the very last mermaid on the planet will meet the con-artist and will have trouble adapting to the human life, There will be a connection tying their past that will cross over to the future as the story unfold. The story line was promised to give the audience a brand new experience.

Meanwhile, the next, 16th episode of SBS "Legend of the Blue Sea" will be broadcasted on Wednesday, 11th of January on 10 PM KST. /

[Photo] Culture Depot of South Korea, Studio Dragon, SBS Content Hub

source: Naver/OSEN

English Translation: Monika Setiono

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