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"Legend of the Blue Sea" Lee Min Ho, can he save his father from Hwang Shin Hye's Black Hole - 12.01.2017

[; Reporter Jeong Yoo Na] SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" has 4 more episodes left, and the male lead Lee Min Ho is currently wondering whether he can save his fater Choi Jeong Woo from Hwang Shin Hye. Lee Min Ho finally found clues from Hwang Shin Hye and his father's house after putting on a con as a bug-buster company worker, and unexpectedly find his father's bedroom. At the same time, he has been curious on his father's whereabouts and Hwang Shin Hye's attitude.

The Wednesday-Thursday SBS Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (Written by Park Ji Eun / Directed by Jin Hyuk / Culture Depot of South Korea / Production House Studio Dragon) release their latest still cuts before the official broadcast of the 17th episode (today). The drama's male lead Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) has always been curious of the relationship between Ma Dae Young (Seong Dong Il) and Kang Seo Hee (Hwang Shin Hye). In the process, Heo Jun Jae carefully pick up things that he consider could be used as a clue, and he ended up had to swallow his own feelings when he saw his father in a dark bedroom. The latest still cuts attract viewers and attention.

On the previous episode, Heo Jun Jae set up a con scene to investigate his own father's house, with the help of Detective Hong (Park Hae Soo). Especially then when Heo Jun Jae put a tapping device on the flower garden of Kang Seo Hee, viewers are watching with tension. Afterwards, Heo Jun Jae met with his own father who at first didn't recognize him and still believing on Kang Seo Hee. His own father Heo Il Joong (Choi Jeong Woo) have always believe in Kang Seo Hee, and his body were shaking when Heo Jun Jae are trying to tell his father the truth. Jun Jae felt speechless also while looking to his now mostly blind father while holding his hands.

On the previous episode as well, the viewers can see young Kang Seo Hee who murdered her husbands after killing her own father who had been harassing her. It has been revealed that President Heo Il Joong was her next goal, she had been deceiving him for more than 10 years and have cast a shadow of death on him.

Heo Jun Jae who can't hold his emotional side, tell his father that his step-mother Kang Seo Hee's real name was Kang Ji Hyeon and tell him on all of her previous acts. "I would really feel happy, it will be really great if all of this happened coincidentally..but unfortunately, it is not! This whole situations was wrong!", Heo Jun Jae scream to his father in desperation. However, Heo Il Joong still find it hard to believe his own son who he loved, even thought he was the one who abandon Heo Jun Jae. Heo Il Joong then shout back to Heo Jun Jae that he knew Heo Jun Jae was a con-artist (from Heo Chi Hyeon, portrayed by Lee Ji Hoon), and refused to join his son. However, the new Heo Jun Jae now determined to save and rescue his own father by establishing his own investigation team, even when his own father Heo Il Joong still completely blinded by his own believe to his second wife. Viewers are curious on how fate will bring for all of them.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" representative stated "Heo Jun Jae has now know on his father's condition, and determined to save him~" and "Please give us a lof of love and support, and whether Heo Jun Jae can save his father~"

Meanwhile, the next, 17th episode of SBS "Legend of the Blue Sea" will be broadcasted on Thursday, 12th of January on 10 PM KST.

source: Naver/SportsChosun

English Translation: Monika Setiono

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