Monday, January 16, 2017

"Legend of the Blue Sea" Breaking 20% Viewership Rating Behind Still Cuts Release - 16.01.2017

[OSEN: Reporter Kang Seo Jeong] SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of he Blue Sea" has break their own record for the currently latest 17th episode, maintaining their throne as number 1 drama for Wednesday-Thursday slot. For the 17th episode, based on AGB media research company, the drama has achieved 20.8% viewership rating Nationwide and 23% in Seoul, breaking their own record. "Legend of the Blue Sea" crew then released their latest still cuts as a thank you present and reward for the viewers who are currently waiting for the 18th and 19th episode this week, and currently gathering attention.

On 16th of January, SBS drama 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' unveiled their 200% reality value and behind the scenes still cut that could not be seen anywhere to celebrate the 20% audience rating.According to the production crew of the "Legend of the Blue Sea", the 17th episode still maintain the number 1 spot for Wednesday-Thursday drama. The main leads especially Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun are working hard despite the cold weather with friendly and warm atmosphere. Lee Mn Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun was seen to smile, making the filming process more exciting.

Hwang Shin Hye, Seong Dong Il and Lee Ji Hoon who supposed to be the antagonist were seen to smile also towards the camera outside their acting. All of the casts seems to make the viewers feel the joy and laughter of the continuous shooting.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" representatives said "The audience rating has reached over 20%, and now the main leads including Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun, all of the casts and crews are making more efforts to shoot~" and "We really appreciate all of the love that viewers have give to us..please give us continuous support and love until the end of 'Legend of the Blue Sea" drama which only have 3 more episodes remain~".

source: OSEN/Naver

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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