Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Legend of the Blue Sea" Lee Min Ho - Jealous Explode Grimace, Cute Sulk - 04.01.2017

[ Reporter Lee Ji Hyeon]

SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" just release their latest still cuts of their male lead Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) with a cute grimacing expression as he was burned with jeaolusy. Lee Min Ho's eyes were also seen sulking as he seems to worry and wonder about Sim Chung (Jeon Ji Hyun). Cute images that has been released capture attention of viewers.

SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" just release their latest still cuts of their leads Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) and Sim Chung (Jeon Ji Hyun) who seems to began dating, on 4th of January 2017.

On the latest still cuts, Heo Jun Jae was seen to coming home, not saying anything to Sim Chung. Meanwhile, Sim Chung is looking at Heo Jun Jae with her sweet eyes, wondering and confused with Heo Jun Jae's unfamiliar expression. Sim Chung look at Heo Jun Jae from behind, wondering what might have happened.

As perhaps the viewers can see, Heo Jun Jae was perhaps thinking because of Sim Chung. We can also see Sim Chung who seems to eat delicious food with Lee Chi Hyeon (Lee Ji Hoon), who's supposed to be Heo Jun Jae's 'so-called' family, even when they don't have such a good relationship with each other. Unlike Heo Jun Jae's uncomfortable and sulking aura, Chi Hyeon seems to be seen smiling while he seems to meet Sim Chung, while Sim Chung seems to look also a little bit confused, It seems that Chi Hyeon was particularly attracted to Sim Chung, and unintentionally provoked Heo Jun Jae's jealousy. Heo Jun Jae was particularly burning with jealousy and he looked pale with questions going on his mind. He seems to think on Sim Chung's situation as a mermaid, and as why and how Sim Chung can meet some other guy besides him. Viewers are getting curious on how the relationship between the 3 will develop, seeing Heo Jun Jae's cute sulking expression.

The representatives of "Legend of the Blue Sea" stated "Thank You for the love and support for Heo Jun Jae and Sim Chung couple~" and "Please to watch the 14th episode today, and give us a lot of support and love~"

source; Naver/SportsChosun

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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