Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lee Min Ho, opening Fan Meeting ticket sales in February 2017, selling 6.000 seats - 18.01.2016

[NEWSEN: Reporter Hwang Hye Jin] The power of Lee Min Ho, who basically own the world of entertainment industry, was still powerful.

Lee Min Ho was confirmed to held a fan meeting with his fans, titled "THE ORIGINALITY OF LEE MIN HO", that would be held 2 days starting on February 18th and February 19th at 6 PM KST. Since the opening action of the fan meeting ticket, fans from around the world have pour inquiries, both from fans in South Korea and fans from around the world before the sales. Even when the members of his official fan club had been able to buy from the fan-club pre-sale, all of the ticket have been sold, reaffirmed the power of Lee Min Ho. Questions from fans who couldn't get tickets for the fan meeting are still coming.
The fan meeting that would be held on February 18th and February 19th will happen on Kyung Hee University Peace Hall in Seoul. Lee Min Ho will meet his fans from all over the world. Last year, around the same time in January, his concert in KINTEX has been sold to 3,000 fans. This time, Lee Min Ho seems to decide to hold a fan meeting in order to meet more fans, but this too was also sold out in a very fast pace.

Lee Min Ho, who currently showing of his acting and charm through his evolving acting with SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" and returning to small screen after 3 years has been well known for his affection towards his fans. In order to show himself just as it is in front of the fans, the fan meeting title also planned to demonstrate the authentic charm of Lee Min Ho. "THE ORIGINALITY OF LEE MIN HO" will also in celebration for the 10th anniversary of his debut in May last year.

It was known that a fan meeting has been scheduled for a long time just right after the his 10th debut anniversary debut, but his jam-packed scheduled for his latest movie "Bounty Hunters" promotion and shooting.

Lee Min Ho's agency, MYM Entertainment said "Lee Min Ho will show all of him, truthfulness side of him that has never been shown anywhere else. He is waiting for the day to meet his fans, he gave a lot of ideas and taking part actively in planning the fan meeting despite his busy scheduled. We promised that the fan meeting will be special for both Lee Min Ho and his fans" (Photo: MYM Entertainment)

NEWSEN Reporter Hwang Hye Jin blossom@

source: Naver/Newsen

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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