Monday, December 19, 2016

Super Junior Kim Hee Chul "Lee Min Ho and Me..We are the Legends/Kings of Game from the Showbiz/Entertainment World~" - 19.12.2016

[My Daily, Reporter Choi Ji Ye] Kim Hee Chul from 'Super Junior' just named actor Lee Min Ho as his eternal rival in gaming.

Kim Hee Chul, who has been known as the best gamer, king of game from the Showbiz/Entertainment Industry revealed on SBS 'Game Show-Game Fallout', pointing out that actor Lee Min Ho is his only eternal rival.

Kim Hee Chul, who expressing his love form gaming trough the 'Developers' section of SBS "Game Show" was asked "Who, among the famous people in the Showbiz/Entertainment industry, perhaps has the same interest, passion and love towards gaming like you?". Kim Hee Chul answered "Perhaps viewers has already known, there are perhaps only two people from the Showbiz/Entertainment Industry who are popular in gaming world. They are 'Super Junior' Kim Hee Chul and actor Lee Min Ho", shocking all of the other MCs and guests.
Fans and and viewers has probably knew a few actors/idol who are game enthusiasts, such as Lee Min Ho, Super Junior Kim Hee Chul, actor Kang Ha Neul, CN Blue Kang Min Hyuk and Super Junior Shin Dong are into LOL (League of Legends) game and considered maniacs.

LOL, a multiplayer online battle arena video game, are known to be a very popular online game among South Koreans, and there are some levels/episodes where people stop playing because it's too crowded and was too difficult, However among the top grade tier, high level of "Diamond"3 and 4, stays Kim Hee Chul and Lee Min Ho.

Kim Hee Chul, who was known and famous for his enthusiasm towards gaming from the Entertainment world. Kim Hee Chul once confessed to the MC that online games and gaming was his dream since his debut. He also would like it if he can eliminate prejudices among games and gamer.

On the other hand, SBS 'Game Show-Game Fallout' is a Game Show with a new concept, a program designed to make a world stress-free with healthy game culture. The episode of Kim Hee Chul talking about Lee Min Ho was broadcasted on 19th of December 1 PM KST.


(My Daily Reporter Choi Ji Ye

source: Naver/MyDaily

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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