Monday, December 26, 2016

SBS Awards Festival "BOOM UP SHOW' GOT7's Jin Young "I'm very honored to be casted as the younger version of Lee Min Ho's character~" [VLIVE]

[OSEN = Reporter Ji Min Kyeong] Jin Young of the popular boy group GOT7 left a comment on his participation on SBS Wednesday -Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" and shooting process.

On 25th of December 2016, GOT7's member Jin Young received a question on his recent drama at '2016 SAF BOOM UP SHOW DAY4' which was broadcast live on the South Korean news portal site Naver VLive App.

Jin Young commented "The drama was titled 'Legend of the Blue Sea'. I have actually finished my shooting part on the drama, and i think my scenes part of the drama has been finished broadcasted." for his part as the younger counter-part of the actor Lee Min Ho for his character as the genius con-artist Heo Jun Jae. "I am very honored to be casted and chosen for Lee Min Ho's younger counterpart for he is such an amazing person, i am glad to able to take part as well~".

Later when he was also asked about Jeon Ji Hyun, Jin Young added "She is very beautiful~" /

source: OSEN

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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